Austin Addison, identified as man who slapped Burger King employee in viral video, charged and fired


A 21-year-old man has been charged with multiple counts and fired from his job after a viral video allegedly showed him berating and then slapping a Burger King employee at a restaurant in Pennsylvania.As TMZ Police identified the suspect as Austin Addison and charged him with harassment, disorderly conduct and criminal mischief after a video circulating on social media showed him screaming in the face of a restaurant employee.

Although video did not capture the entire incident, it appeared the client was angry at the actions of another worker who was not seen on camera, accusing her of theft and threatening to keep her locked up for the rest of her life.

As the Burger King worker in front of the camera began to warn the customer that his actions were being filmed, the person identified as Addison was seen slapping the man’s face with open hands, stunning him. Addison then walked through the door at the end of the short clip.

By the time local authorities identified the person who was allegedly seen delivering the slap, the footage had gained viral attention, racking up hundreds of thousands of views online. Many shared it in hopes of identifying the person seen attacking the Burger King worker.

Full images of the incident can be seen in the TMZ link above, but be aware that there is obscene language and violence.

The report claimed the client launched a racist rant, although no racist language was heard on the part of the footage that sparked viral interest on Monday.

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The charges against Addison appear to be misdemeanors, although the incident caused her additional hardship. After the clip, a number of internet detectives attempted to identify the angry restaurateur and try to warn his potential employer. Helped in part by the disclosure of his name by local police, many discovered that he was apparently employed by a nearby Harbor Freight Tools store.

TMZ noted that the store had since fired Addison.

There have been no further comments from the police or the company, which in the past have expressed support for employees who have been attacked.

This is the second story of violence against Burger King employees in a matter of hours. As the New York Daily News A Florida man has been arrested and charged with murder after shooting an employee to death during a long queue dispute.


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