Auli’i Cravalho on her new Netflix drama and the Smell of the Wet Dog


A lot has changed for Auli’i Cravalho since her first film.

The actress was 14 when Disney asked her to star in “Moana,” voicing the titular island heroine of the animated musical. She still lived with her mother in Oahu, Hawaii, where she focused on choir, AP classes, and an emerging interest in microbiology.

Five years later, Cravalho’s new base is now her apartment in Los Angeles, where for the first time she lives alone – with the exception of her one-year-old tuxedo cat, Rocco, who reluctantly has about half a dozen bow ties in her wardrobe. (“He and I are really good friends now,” she says. “But at first it was a lot of whistling.”)

Cravalho still wants to go to college, but school is on hiatus as his career blossoms: his second starring role, in the Netflix drama “All Together Now,” can be seen starting Friday. She plays Amber Appleton, a high school student who balances homelessness and a busy family life with her dreams of becoming a singer and enrolling at Carnegie Mellon University.


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