Auburn Football has lost 16 players to coronavirus issues


Auburn, who canceled several football training sessions last week, will be without 16 players due to COVID-19 issues when training resumes Tuesday.Coach Gus Malzahn told reporters on Sunday evening that the team currently has nine players who test positive for the coronavirus and seven others considered to be at high risk.

Malzahn said the Tigers have had “very few” players who have shown “major symptoms”.

“We learn as we go here,” he said of fighting the coronavirus as a team. “Every day and every week is a challenge. “

Auburn called off two practices and a scrum last week. Malzahn said the team did not meddle on Saturday because the players needed a weekend after Jacob Blake was shot by police in Kenosha, Wis., Earlier in the week.

Without going into details, Malzahn said two groups of positions were particularly affected by COVID-19 testing, to the point where staff did not feel comfortable following full practices.

Auburn protocols require at least 17 days before a player can return from a positive COVID-19 test, including a 10-day quarantine and a seven-day readmission period before being completely wiped out.

With four weeks to go until the end of the week scheduled for the start of the season, Malzahn said there was a sense of urgency.


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