At least 33 Hurtigruten crew and one passenger have COVID-19


Thirty-six crew members of Hurtigruten’s Roald Amundsen have coronavirus and Norwegian authorities have ordered passengers on the last two cruises to self-quarantine.

This applies to the July 17th and July 24th crossings in Svalbard. Some 209 passengers were on the first trip and 178 on the second. All have been contacted.

Passenger on July 17 cruise tested positive

As part of the contract follow-up, Hurtigruten learned that a passenger on the July 17 cruise tested positive after returning home.

Roald Amundsen remains with Tromsø, where the last trip ended on Friday and four crew members were hospitalized at the University Hospital of Northern Norway.

The test results received Saturday morning from the 154 crew members on board showed that 32 more were positive and 122 negative. Of the 36 positive crew members, most are Filipinos.

Passengers must self-quarantine for 10 days

Norwegian health officials have said the passengers must be quarantined and will be followed by the local health department where they live. The quarantine is valid for 10 days after leaving the ship.

The nationalities of the passengers were not immediately available.

About 60 passengers who disembarked on Friday are in quarantine in Tromsø.

According to Hurtigruten, the four crew members who were confirmed to be infected for the first time were systematically isolated several days ago due to another illness, without showing any symptoms of COVID-19 at that time. The company also said the 154 crew members still on board were asymptomatic.

Non-Norwegian crews are quarantined before signing, Hurtigruten added, and must present two negative COVID-19 tests before even leaving their home country.

“The most important thing for us now is to take care and follow all of our guests and colleagues. We are working closely with the National Institute of Public Health, the Municipality of Tromsø and the local health authorities for follow-up, notification, further testing and screening for infections, ”said the spokesperson for Hurtigruten, Rune Thomas Ege.

Crossings canceled until early September

Roald Amundsen was due to return to Svalbard on Friday afternoon. The ship’s cruises are canceled until early September.

Hurtigruten became one of the first companies to resume shipping in June along the Norwegian coast. Voyages were to be accelerated, with 14 of the 16 ships due to be returned to service in August and September.


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