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At least 2 challenges filed against Kanye West’s offer to be on the Wisconsin ballot


MADISON, Wisconsin (WMTV) – At least two challenges have been filed against rapper Kayne West’s candidacy to be on the presidential ballot in Wisconsin in November.

According to the Wisconsin Election Commission, two challenges were filed against West on Friday. In both cases, promoters argue that West’s nomination papers – her candidacy to be on the ballot – are insufficient for WEC requirements and therefore should be revoked.

The first challenge, filed by Milwaukee-based attorney Joseph R. Santeler, argues that West did not provide his true residential address in his application documents, but instead gave his business address in Wyoming. Santeler continues that West’s nomination papers were not submitted on time by the 5 p.m. deadline last Tuesday and that circulators – people asking residents to sign the petition to get a candidate on a ballot – did not indicate their full address in the application documents.

In the second complaint, four people by the names of William Brent II, Richard G. Hughes, Keith Smith and Lauren Steven argued that West’s candidacy documents are not admissible, for similar reasons.

They argue that West’s nomination papers were not filed in time for the 5 pm deadline; that the broadcasters misled the signatories; and that broadcasters did not provide correct addresses in nomination papers.

On August 5, West formally applied to get his name on the ballot in Wisconsin for the post of President of the United States.

His runs on the BDY (The Birthday Party) ticket with his vice-president, Michelle Tidball.

Democrats claim Republicans are helping West’s candidacy siphon votes from Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden.

Read the challenges below:

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