Arsenal target set to become UAE hit


Former West Ham winger Trevor Sinclair believes Willian will fit in perfectly with Arsenal as the Gunners move closer to signing the Brazilian for free.The winger will be without a contract when he leaves Chelsea as he struggled to agree on a new deal with the Blues.

He wants a three-year contract, but Chelsea want to hand him a 12-month contract less.

Arsenal are one of the teams looking to sign him for free and the Gunners have become favorites for his signing in recent days after agreeing to hand him his requested three-year contract.

With the move from team to team not going well at times, there could be fears that he will struggle to fit in with Arsenal and understand what Mikel Arteta wants to achieve, but Sinclair doesn’t think so that there will be. problems and he believes the Brazilian will fit in perfectly with the Emirates.

He told TalkSPORT: “I think he’s the real deal, I think he’s ready to go, I think he’s an elite athlete like Perry said now. He is very rarely injured and I am heartbroken as I say so.

“He’s 32 next week, he won everything in the game, and for me as a winger watching him he has an explosive pace.

“I’ve watched him so many times he’s almost 100% record, if he decides to drop his left shoulder and go outside and put a cross it’s almost impossible to defend that .

“Now if you have players who are scoring good and reversing movement and expecting that kind of cross in the box, it’s very, very difficult to stop the attacker from getting to the end.

“I think he’s awesome, listen he looks like a rockster. I actually text Perry, and I just said, ‘Why do I have the feeling that Willian is almost destined to be at Arsenal?

“I don’t know what it’s like to be organic or what, he just feels like a star or an Arsenal player to me.


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