Arsenal plans to lay off 55 employees due to coronavirus pandemic


Arsenal have finished eighth in the Premier League this season

Arsenal plans to lay off 55 employees due to the financial impact of the coronavirus pandemic.

Gunners first-team players and head coach Mikel Arteta agreed to a 12.5% ​​pay cut in April.

Arsenal’s management team have also agreed to waive more than a third of their salaries over the next 12 months.

However, the club said they now face “bigger and longer lasting cuts to our income than we all hoped for.”

Arsenal said they did not make the decision to offer layoffs “lightly” and looked at “every aspect of the club and our spending before getting to this point”.

“We know this is upsetting and difficult for our dedicated staff and our goal is to handle this with the greatest sensitivity possible,” the club added in a statement.

Arsenal, who won a record 14th FA Cup against Chelsea on Saturday, cited the loss of income from fans who are unlikely to be able to return to the Emirates Stadium for the start of the 2020-21 season and only in limited numbers thereafter .

They said broadcasters’ revenues, game days and business activities had all been “hit hard” and the club was facing one of the “toughest times” in their history.

According to the statement, the salary cuts and investments made by owner Stan Kroenke had helped “reduce the impact of the pandemic on the club” and “maintain the investment in the team.”

However, they added, “It is now clear that we need to further reduce our costs to ensure we operate in a sustainable and responsible manner, and to allow us to continue to invest in the team. ”

Proposals will now enter a 30-day consultation period.


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