Archaeological Breakthrough: 1,200-Year-Old Find “Involves a Christianity Founded Before Islam” | World | News


The 1,200-year-old cross – which is made of marble and weighs around four tons – was discovered by a team of experts from the University of Baltistan, Skardu, the Union of Catholic Asian News. Their report, titled “1,200-year-old cross found in Pakistan implies Christianity was there” before Islam came, “claims the find was made in the mountains of the Himalayan mountains and is about seven feet tall. Experts claim that although no Christians live in the Skardu region, it has proven that followers of this religion were previously present in the region.

Pakistan is made up of around 96% of people who practice Islam and shares its borders with Afghanistan, Iran, India and China.The discovery was celebrated by Caritas Pakistan, a Catholic group, and Executive Director Mansha Noor said: “It is indeed great news for all of us that an ancient cross has been found in Skardu.

“It shows that Christianity existed in this region and that there must be a church and houses of Christians.

“There are currently no Christian families in this area, but they were once there.

“I ask the authorities to invite international historians to learn more about the exact history of the cross.”

Reports from say Christians in Pakistan often face dire scenarios where they are persecuted for their faith.

Beatrice Caseau, an expert on Byzantine history, argued that the discovery could prove that merchants from the Middle East brought “the gospel to the region.”

She said: “Even though we lack sources to know for sure where they went, we do know that Christians from the Persian world, using the Syriac language, came to the Indus region between the fifth and eighth centuries. , until the arrival of Islam. ”

Another Pakistani Christian leader told the Barnabus Fund: “Praise the Lord, it makes me very happy.

“It will be a great encouragement for Christians in Pakistan to show that our faith was there many, many generations ago, before the arrival of Islam.

“This is incredible news. I look forward to what the research results will reveal about Christianity in Pakistan. ”

The find comes after archaeologists made another breakthrough in Christian history with the discovery of a 1,300-year-old church in Israel, near the traditional site of Jesus’ transfiguration.

This site, according to experts, “alludes to the meaning of Christianity” in the village where it was found in Kfar Kama, about two hours north of Jerusalem.

It includes “ornate mosaic floors” and is near what the third-century theologian Origen suggested to be the site of Jesus’ transfiguration.

A statement from Israel’s Foreign Ministry added: “The new discovery hints at the apparent importance of the Byzantine-era Christian village near Mount Tabor, a site of paramount religious importance to Christianity, identified as the site of the transfiguration. . ”


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