Apple shares rebound as 4-to-1 split takes effect


Actions d’Apple Inc. AAPL,
rallied 1.4% in pre-market trading on Monday, offsetting earlier gains, as the 4-to-1 stock split is expected to become official after the opening bell. Since Friday’s close was $ 499.23, the split’s adjusted close is now $ 124.81. The stock would add around 11 points to the DJIA of the Dow Jones Industrial Average,
+ 0,56%
price. The last after-hours trade at the pre-split adjusted price was equivalent to $ 501.90, which is a gain of 0.5%, while the first pre-market transaction on Monday at the split-adjusted price was 128 .00 $, reflecting a gain of 2.6%. The record August 26 close was adjusted to $ 126.52, while the all-time August 24 high during regular session hours was adjusted to $ 128.79.


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