Apple ignores Covid-19 with record quarter boosted by sales of virtually everything


It’s hard not to find a bright spot in Apple’s third quarter results. Not only has the company exceeded expectations with nearly $ 60 billion in revenue and 11% year-over-year growth, it has also seen increased sales for all of the products it has seen. she sells.

The Mac has seen the biggest leap forward, supported by work-from-home orders for many businesses around the world. Mac sales topped $ 7 billion for the first time in third-quarter history, an increase of more than 20%, and the iPad also set a record for a vacation-free quarter.

The numbers below are compared to the third quarter of last year.

  • iPhone: $ 26.4 billion against $ 25.9 billion
  • Mac: $ 7.1 billion vs. $ 5.8 billion
  • iPad: $ 6.6 billion against $ 5 billion
  • Wearables: $ 6.5 billion versus $ 5.5 billion

The only actor somewhat muted was Services. While the $ 13.2 billion it raised is a big increase from the $ 11.5 billion in the quarter last year (before most new services launched), that number is lower. to $ 13.4 billion last quarter.


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