Anna Duggar applauds Rude Fan: Let’s see how YOU feel after launching six Friggen Kids!


While luckily we don’t hear much from Josh Duggar these days, Anna Duggar is more active than ever in her in-laws’ media empire.

This week’s episode of Counting On featured Anna and her children at a Duggar Christmas party, and it looks like the scenes sparked renewed interest in the long-suffering woman.

Fortunately, most of the reviews have been positive.

But the internet is a cruel place in 2020, and some of the people who have flocked to Anna’s Instagram page have done so maliciously.

Of course, Anna has been in the limelight for the vast majority of her adult life, and she has grown used to the slingshots and arrows of anonymous commentators.

One particularly passive-aggressive fan went quite far in the archives and commented on this photo of Anna and Josh from December 2019.

” Nice picture. Mom doesn’t seem to be feeling very well yet, ”the commentator wrote.

Obviously, after years of being forced to “speak nicely” according to her in-laws’ ridiculous rules, Anna offered the stranger some much needed sensitivity training.

Josh Duggar and his wife

“Um, I think it’s pretty typical not to feel better within a week of delivering a baby…” Anna replied, as reported by In Touch.

“I was always happy to be with my family and let them meet their new niece!”

Yes, Anna had just welcomed her sixth child, daughter Maryella, at the time the photo was taken,

Josh Duggar at church

Granted, the commentator may not have been aware that Anna had recently given birth at the time of the photo.

But Anna is a Duggar woman – the safe guess is that unless she is about to give birth, she has just given birth.

The brief back and forth raises some interesting questions.

Josh Duggar et Fam

Why would a random follower look at a photo of Anna standing next to Josh – who assaulted five young girls – and comment on Anna’s appearance?

It’s a reminder that while Duggars are generally terrible, there are acceptable things to laugh at them about – like their ridiculous belief system – and unacceptable things – like their appearances.

Look, we don’t like having to defend a Duggar, especially one who has constantly apologized for Josh’s horrible behavior.

Anna Renee Keller Duggar

But no one deserves random strangers to insult their appearance on the Internet.

Of course, no one deserves to be married to Josh Duggar either, but we can’t help Anna with that.

Unfortunately, like all Duggar women, she will have to cope with the fertility cult on her own.

Gender issue

Until then, I hope she can keep pulling a few more paychecks from those Counting On cameos.

It’s the least her in-laws can do for her after all she’s been through.

And we highly doubt Josh will do much in the way of winning these days.


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