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James Oliphant offers at Reuters an analysis of what the RNC taught us this week on Republican strategy for November.He writes that Donald Trump has used all of his reality TV talents to try to win back supporters alienated by his handling of the coronavirus pandemic. He desperately needs to change the subject of a pandemic that has killed 180,000 Americans and hampered the US economy, and finding a way to blame Democrats for the violence on the streets.

Oliphant observes that Republicans have largely abandoned discussions of the health crisis as if it has abated, in favor of reminding voters of the robust economy that once existed. At the Democratic convention the week before, Joe Biden had placed a lot of emphasis on holding Trump accountable for his actions during the outbreak.

“These two conventions offered very different images of reality, in terms of where our country is now and what our future might hold in store for us,” says Christopher Devine, an expert on US elections at the University of Dayton in the Ohio.

Trump’s convention has portrayed the president as a champion of “law and order,” targeting voters who disapprove of his confrontational and inflammatory rhetoric, but who may be nervous about months of protests against it. racial injustice and police brutality which at times turned violent.

“This is their attempt to nail down the grassroots and mobilize them to come out and vote,” said Kathleen Dolan, professor of political science at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.
“But I think he’s trying to take off some of these indecisive women, the people he calls ‘suburban women’.”

But by reaching out to suburban voters with unapologetic anti-crime messages, while showing little empathy for protesters calling for racial justice, Trump may have further bolstered black Americans’ support for Biden. , already strong.

Jim Messina, who was President Barack Obama’s campaign manager for the 2012 re-election, said the fiery rhetoric from Republicans against the protests could deter independents who want to end the bitter polarization.

“Trump went so far to the right that he left the middle to take it,” he said.


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