Amazon removes shirts with derogatory slogan about Kamala Harris | American News


Amazon has removed a clothing line with an offensive slogan referring to Kamala Harris from its website after complaints from Twitter users that it was “unacceptable.”T-shirts, tank tops and hoodies bearing the words “Joe and the Hoe” written in red, white and blue in the style of Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden and his running mate Harris’ campaign logo were on sale between $ 24.99 and $ 42.99.

The derogatory phrase was also recently adopted by conservative radio host and friend of Donald Trump Rush Limbaugh, who has a habit of making abusive comments about the senator.

The removal of the articles followed pressure from Twitter users who urged people to complain to the retail giant.

“Let @amazon know this is unacceptable,” wrote @LesaPamplin, a Texas criminal defense attorney, with a screenshot of the clothes. “We don’t just sit back and take this bullshit.”

An Amazon spokesperson said on Wednesday that the products had been deleted, adding: “All sellers must follow our selling guidelines and those who do not will be subject to action, including the potential deletion of their account. . ”

Although the products appear to have been removed, the seller, “The Oxygen Bandit”, still appears to be active on the site with a range of politically-themed clothing including a “Byedon 2020” and “Kamala Smelled Best” hoodie. and “I” m an AmeriKaren “T-shirts.

Later Wednesday, Harris is due to make U.S. history as the first woman of color on a major party ticket when she accepts her party’s nomination as vice president at the Democratic national convention.


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