Almost 40% of Ontario parents won’t let their kids go back to school in the fall, poll finds


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But if four in ten students stay at home, it could dramatically reduce class sizes. For example, a class of 25 could be reduced to 16 students on average.

While 62 percent of parents plan to let their children go back to school in September, less than 30 percent think it’s safe to do so, and only 27 percent say they trust the provincial government. Instead, the majority of parents cited their children’s need for social interaction or the inability to learn online as reasons for sending them back to school.

The lack of public confidence in school boards and the Ontario government could stem from a number of reasons, Wright said, including officials giving conflicting advice.

Parents “don’t really trust what they hear,” he says. And many believe the back-to-school plan should be about health, not education.

It is very clearly a matter of health and safety

The poll found that 74% of parents wanted Ontario Minister of Health Christine Elliott to be responsible for the back-to-school plan, while only 26% of those polled were comfortable with it. leadership of Minister of Education Stephen Lecce.

“When people say it’s absolutely essential to bring our kids back to learning… it’s only half,” Wright said, stressing the need for safety. “If (education and health) are decoupled, then you have a major problem.”

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