Alexei Navalny to be flown to Germany for poisoning treatment | World news


Russian opposition activist Alexei Navalny is expected to be rushed to Germany early Saturday morning to receive treatment for suspected poisoning that left him in a coma for 36 hours.Doctors treating Navalny in the Siberian city of Omsk authorized his release after a tense 12-hour confrontation with his family and collaborators, who said Navalny’s life was in danger in Russia.

“The patient is in stable condition … we do not oppose his transfer to another hospital, as his relatives indicate,” Deputy Chief Medical Officer Anatoly Kalinichenko said Friday evening, rescinding an early decision to keep Navalny in the hospital. medical reasons.

Navalny’s wife appealed directly to Vladimir Putin to allow the evacuation. A medical plane chartered by a German NGO has been waiting at Omsk airport since Friday morning to take him to the Charité hospital in Berlin.

Navalny’s assistant Kira Yarmysh said hospital officials suddenly reversed their position on Friday evening. “It’s a shame that the doctors took so long to make this decision. The plane has been waiting since this morning, the documents were also ready at the time.


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