Alexander Vindman in fiery editorial on military retreat: “I believe in America good matters”


“At no point in my career or in my life have I felt the values ​​of our nation more threatened and in more peril than now,” wrote Vindman, whose family fled the Soviet Union to the United States. United States as a child.

“Our citizens are subject to the same types of attacks that tyrants launch against their critics and political opponents,” he later continued, adding, “There is another way”.

In the editorial published on Saturday after retiring from the US military after more than 21 years of military service, Vindman – “now a civilian” – said he did not expect during the events that stemmed from his decision to report. concerns about Trump’s July 25, 2019 phone call with the Ukrainian president to other National Security Council officials. Vindman’s testimony in the impeachment inquiry ultimately prompted Trump to fire him as the council’s top Ukrainian expert in February and his decision to withdraw from the military.

“During my testimony at the House impeachment inquiry, I reassured my father, who experienced Soviet authoritarianism firsthand, by saying: ‘Don’t worry, I’ll be fine. To tell the truth.’ Despite Trump’s retaliation, I stand by that belief, “Vindman wrote, lambasting” the false attacks of an unsavory man and his sycophants. “

“To this day, despite everything that has happened, I continue to believe in the American dream,” he added. “I believe in America good matters. I want to help make sure that the good counts for all Americans. ”

Vindman did not elaborate on his future plans, writing that he looked forward to “contributing” to the effort to “issue a mandate to reject hatred and bigotry and a return to the ideals that set the United States apart from the rest of the world. world”.

“As I retire from the army, I will continue to defend my nation. I will hold our leaders to account and I will call for leaders of moral courage and officials of integrity, ”he wrote. “I will talk about the attacks on our national security. I will advocate for policies and strategies that will allow our country to remain safe and strong against internal and external threats. I will promote public service and extol the contribution this service makes to all areas of society. ”

Vindman has spoken since announcing his departure from the military. He tweeted last week that he was certain he had ‘done (his) duty’ as a key witness in the impeachment inquiry, reflecting on the testimony he gave after Trump’s call ago. one year with the Ukrainian president.

“One year since the call. Much has changed for me and much more for our country. I rest well knowing that I have done my duty, ”Vindman wrote in a tweet about the July 25 telephone conversation.

CNN’s Nicky Robertson and Sarah Westwood contributed to this report.


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