Alberta judge bans new ‘pseudo-law’ lawyer who claims Magna Carta puts her out of court


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Nothing came of the tactics, but adherents today argue that following the 2001 ruling, Commonwealth laws and courts do not apply to them.

Graesser’s decision revolves around a fierce custody battle between parents called AVI, the father, and MHVB, the mother. MHVB faces kidnapping charges after illegally detaining daughter in US

I can only guess at the extent and type of misconduct and self-harm that results from believing (of Magna Carta)

In a letter to the judge in June, Robinson – who is not a lawyer – tells him that she is now representing the mother. If he does not order the return of the daughter – referred to as the mother’s “property” – within seven days, he will be guilty of high treason and subject to the gallows, she said.

Graesser said the woman was not allowed to represent the mother, then dismantled the Magna Carta movement himself.

He notes that Section 61 was removed from the document in 1216 and that only three unrelated clauses are still part of the British constitution today. Meanwhile, Canada repatriated its constitution in 1982, which means that no part of British supreme law applies here.

As for Lord Craigmyle, he said in a 2018 interview with Operation Beacon, a UK-based group that also promotes various conspiracy theories, he had received “tens of thousands” of pledges of allegiance. . He suggests collecting all the names in one place, creating an “army” of Article 61 rebels.

The pseudo-law is often adopted by “rebels or revolutionaries” who pursue their goals through strange and fabricated legal principles rather than by force, according to a recent article in the Alberta Law Review.

Lawyer Richard Warman and Donald Netolitzky, a legal adviser to the Court of Queen’s Bench, have identified 51 cases where adherents have tried to appeal to the Supreme Court of Canada. In all of them, the Supreme Court refused to even hear the case, a clear signal that “pseudo-law is not the law of Canada,” they wrote in the newspaper.


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