AEW Action Figures Slightly Delayed Launch Due To Logistics, AEW Releases Statement


AEW’s action figures were due out this morning, but they’re going to be a bit late due to logistics issues. As previously reported, the Jazwares line of unrivaled AEW figures were due to launch at Walmarts, but weren’t quite ready as they haven’t hit stores yet.Jazwares’ Jeremy Padawer took to Twitter this morning to promise to get to the bottom of the situation when fans started commenting that the numbers were not in stores, and returned later that morning. ‘afternoon (depending on time zone) to note that Walmart is “resetting the entire toy category this week and next” and the AEW product is expected to arrive from tonight. AEW issued a statement this afternoon clarifying that the belts and rings are currently in store and that Walmart management has confirmed the numbers will arrive throughout the week:


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