Admissions to Covid-19 hospital in France rise despite falling infection rate


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                La France a signalé 493 nouvelles infections à Covid-19 au cours de la dernière période de 24 heures, en forte baisse par rapport aux sommets de plus de 3000 des deux jours précédents.  Mais la baisse d'après-week-end n'est pas un signe d'optimisme, selon le nombre d'admissions à l'hôpital pour coronavirus, qui a augmenté pour un troisième jour consécutif.

Le nombre de nouveaux cas de Covid-19 publiés le lundi a toujours été inférieur à celui du week-end, car moins de tests de coronavirus sont effectués le dimanche. Le samedi 15 août était également un jour férié, ce qui peut avoir contribué à la baisse des chiffres.

Since the start of August, the infection rate has increased by an average of 1,830 new cases per day, two and a half times higher than in July, and also higher than the 1,678 new cases in March at most. height of the epidemic in France.

Young victim

French hospitals recorded 234 new Covid-19 admissions in the past 24 hours through Monday, up from 173 on Friday.

Nearly 5,000 people are currently hospitalized, the youngest being in a worse situation than during confinement.

“The number of people hospitalized for Covid has increased over the past three weeks, especially among those under 40,” said the Ministry of Health.

Deaths in nursing homes

Nine people from the same nursing home in Pulnoy, eastern France, have died from the virus in the past week, as care homes begin to close again amid the recent spike.

The mayor of Pulnoy, Marc Ogiez, blamed the epidemic on the decrease in the vigilance of families during the holiday season and the feeling among many in France this summer that the virus crisis was over.

The regional health agency on Monday launched an online call for the strengthening of medical staff in hospitals and retirement homes in the Grand-Est region, which was the first in France to be hard hit by the virus in March .

As infections rise again, French authorities are scrambling to avoid a second nationwide economic lockdown.

The government on Tuesday proposed that masks be worn in shared indoor workspaces while Paris and Marseille, the two largest cities in France, again declared “red areas” of infection and expanded areas where the wearing a mask is compulsory.

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