Adele’s year of change as she went from shy star to confident bikini beauty


Adele has been through a massive year of change and now looks totally different from the shy superstar seen in the summer of 2019.Last year, the 32-year-old singer went on vacation this time last year and shared photos from her adventures across the United States.

She went camping, relaxed on a yacht, and went out to explore nature.

In the photos, Adele seemed reluctant to show her body with photos taken from a distance and with her squatting or facing the camera.

In one shot, she was seen wearing athletic clothing while hiking a canyon and covering her body with her knees and arms.

Many were taken from a distance with fans unable to see much detail.

The photos are very different from the snaps she posted this year, with Adele confidently posting an image of herself wearing a bikini top and leggings last night.

Adele has come a long way in 12 months

This proves that the singer has come a long way and learned to kiss her body.

She now exudes confidence in her body in a whole different way than her posts of just 12 months ago.

In a photo from last year’s vacation, Adele was seen swimming, but she kept her entire body hidden underwater with just her head visible from a distance.

Last year she was reluctant to share photos of herself

Many of her shots apparently showed her hiding her body

However, what is clear in the photos from Adele’s 2019 summer vacation is that she has already adopted a new, healthy lifestyle.

During one of the hikes, she was seen raising her arm and striking a bodybuilder style pose as she reached the top of a hill.

Looks like she had already started her weight loss journey, as one photo, which shows her lying on her yacht, shows her slim and slender in yellow pajamas.

She hiked and looked strong and healthy

Many photos were taken from a distance

A year later, Adele posted her bikini photo as a tribute to the canceled Notting Hill Carnival as she recreated the event in her backyard.

Adele is said to have lost more than three stones – with some reports claiming there are as many as seven – in the past year.

She reportedly began to change her diet after the birth of her son Angelo in 2012, giving up cigarettes and reducing her alcohol consumption.

The singer reportedly began adopting a new 2017 diet focusing on plant-based foods like kale, buckwheat, green tea and turmeric.

Adele shared a photo of herself swimming but with only her head visible

The photos were taken from behind

She also reportedly adopted the gym with regular workouts.

While she hasn’t spoken about her exercise regimen, her personal trainer Pete Geracimo has revealed that it’s all about staying healthy – not losing weight.

He said: “When Adele and I started our journey together, it was never about getting super skinny.

“It was about making her healthy. Especially after pregnancy and after surgery.

“When 25 fell and the tour was announced, we had to prepare for a grueling 13 month schedule. Meanwhile, she warmed up in training and made better food choices…

“As a result, she lost tremendous weight and people noticed. His body transformation has been spread across all media.

“The attention it garnered was mind-blowing. “


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