Adele charged with cultural appropriation for wearing Jamaican-inspired look


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“Dear Whites, just be yourself and stop this for good through cultural appropriation,” wrote one disciple. “Adele the Bantu knots were not needed. The Jamaican Flag bikini top was not necessary … just stop. ”

Another commented: “Black women are discriminated against because they wear cultural hairstyles like Bantu knots and locs, but whites are not, it is not fair and that is why people are screwed.

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But for all of Adele’s critics, there were also those who defended the 32-year-old, with one writing: “I’m from the Caribbean and that’s why we have festivals / carnival. For others to appreciate and celebrate our culture. Nothing inappropriate here. ”

Another person replied, “To people who want to learn sth: the Notting Hill Carnival started in the 1960s to CELEBRATE Caribbean culture. Everyone wears this outfit to celebrate, so it’s NOT a cultural appropriation, it’s a normal, ridiculous party that people talk about so much (sic).


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