Ad sparks outrage after adding ‘Covid-19 charge’ to bill


A Dublin pub sparked outrage this weekend after a photo of a receipt went viral on social media.The photo showed how a small group ate at Mulligans of Sandymount, enjoying a burger, taco and cheesecake.

With some drinks their total amount reached € 49.85, but if they had handed over a € 50 bill they would not have received any change – instead they had to search their pockets for more money. to give.

This is because the owners of the pub included a “Covid-19 charge” of € 2 on their bill, reports Dublin Live.

The prosecution divided those who saw the receipt, some outraged at the charges, but others saying they didn’t really mind.

Mulligans de Sandymount

One disgruntled customer went so far as to call the charge “shame”.

They said: “The Covid charge is a shame, no issues with the price of food or drink as those are the prices around these areas. I doubt Brown’s from Sandymount or BuJo burger in the same area would do that. The Sandymount Mulligans should be watching each other. ”

Another commented: “I wouldn’t really be up for it. The reduction in rates and the wage subsidy system are of great help. I don’t think that warrants a ‘Covid charge’ too, the optics of that are blunt. ”

However, not everyone was bothered by this.

The full receipt

“A private company has the right to charge what it wants and consumers have the right to shop elsewhere if they don’t like it,” replied another.

Someone else added: “Do you know how Covid has affected staff? How hard do they work to make it safer for customers? Fast new normal? Grudge of 2 €, do not eat at the restaurant. End of. ”

A spokesperson for a spokesperson for the Sandymount Mulligans said: “I hope people will understand why this charge is on the receipt and what it is for. ”

The pub declined to comment further.

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