A treasure dig in the basement of France | Times2


The steep vineyards of the upper Agly valley, in French Roussillon, feel like the end of the wine route. Here in the inland of Perpignan, amidst wild rocky mountains on dangerously high sites with soils of decaying limestone and granite, you can find a strip of some of the most interesting, exciting and great wines. value coming out of France today.

Since I got involved in wine in the late 1990s, the Languedoc-Roussillon region has spearheaded France’s response to the New World, producing reliable, ripe, and easy-to-drink wines at great prices. often advantageous which have rightly found favor with a receptive audience abroad. . But look a little closer and you will discover that Roussillon is also home to a myriad of climates and terroirs, producing wines of freshness, purity and real interest,


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