A Sheffield Amauteur cyclist will cover the distance and altitude of the Tour de France in just one week


Les InternationElles – a group of women who until recently rode the Tour de France course a day before the men to campaign for gender equality in cycling – plan to run the same distance and altitude than the three-week Grand Tour. , all without leaving the UK.

Prevented from traveling to France by the Covid-19 pandemic, a team of 10 people – spread across the UK, the Netherlands, the US and Australia – began their challenge today, at the same time where the Tour de France started, and plans to cover 3,470 km over four days in a non-stop relay.

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Jess Fawcett, originally from Sheffield but now living in Edale, is competing in the Internation Challenge this year.

Jess Fawcett, a freelance communications writer now living in Edale, Peak District, is a multi-disciplinary rider and is part of this year’s team.

When asked why she joined InternationElles, Jess said, “To raise awareness and spark conversation about the lack of equality in cycling, while also taking on an epic life-changing challenge.

Jess trains in the Peak District and competes in road races, TTs, crosses and sometimes Audax, in which participants attempt to cover long distances within a set time limit.

She also co-created a charity for women’s cycling and fights hard for equality.

All riders will take on the challenge separately on static bikes – Jess and the four other UK-based riders doing it from a base in South Wales.

The goal is to finish Wednesday, September 2, with a day of rest before they can then ‘Everest’ – climb a height of 8848 meters – on The Bwlch, in the Rhondda Valley, on Friday. September 4.

The top 10 areas of inequality that runners seek to highlight and want to have sport stakeholders addressed include closing the pay gap in professional cycling, increasing the number of women-only races and l eradication of sexism in sport.

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