A quick virus test? Of course if you can afford it


Dr Priddy said he has found a small local lab to work with and that his patients – who pay between $ 150 and $ 600 a month in membership fees – get coronavirus test results in about two days. He declined to name the lab, so others wouldn’t flock to it.

“I’m just selfish for my patients,” he says.

Under the elevated D-train tracks in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn, Lenco diagnostic labs process the results for hospitals and doctors’ offices, as well as doctor’s offices like the one called Sollis.

At Sollis, for an annual individual membership fee of up to $ 5,000, patients can be seen in the equivalent of a private emergency room or undergo chest x-rays at home.

Demand for testing at Sollis has been driven in part by members returning from countries at risk or countries that require testing, particularly in the Caribbean, said Andrew Olanow, co-founder of Sollis. The company has approximately 4,000 members in the New York area and has opened an office on the West Coast in recent weeks.

“Twenty-four to 48 hours is our turnaround time,” he says.

Samira Shamoon said she received quick results via Sollis, whom she joined at the height of the outbreak in New York City in March as she rushed to move from her Upper East Side co-op to a family home in Bridgehampton.

“I needed the results by 2 p.m. the next day,” said Ms Shamoon, who runs a health and beauty communications company, recalling her panic one night when her temperature hit 99.5 the day before. an important dinner with a client. She got her negative result at 11:55 a.m.

She said other people she knew in the Hamptons did the same, including a woman who told her she had been tested for the coronavirus eight times.


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