A new web tool allows people to see the health of BC’s rivers. – News from British Columbia


New web-based reporting tool shows health status of rivers in British Columbia.

“Knowing what exists, what the state of the water is over a long period of time, helps to see changes and identify trends that might occur,” says Danny St. Hilaire in a press release, a water quality monitoring technician with the Ministry of the Environment.

With the help of First Nations communities and trained local watershed stewards, the province of British Columbia and the federal government regularly monitor water quality by taking samples at 42 stations located on 31 rivers in the province.

The results were made available in technical reports, but a new user-friendly online reporting tool has been created to help people learn more about water quality and its connection to nearby rivers.

Using an interactive map of the province, viewers can see 10-year trends in water quality in selected rivers with respected data from the Canada-BC Water Quality Monitoring Program – a program in place since 1985. The data is also used to determine the current state of water quality, detect emerging issues that may threaten aquatic life and support the development of guidelines for water, fish and sediment. .

Ayisha Yeow, Senior Water Quality Monitoring Scientist at Environment Canada and Climate Change in British Columbia adds: “The new website gives people an overview of how we look at the data and we explain what it is. means. Hopefully this will inspire people to get involved and learn more about water quality so they can relate it to what they see when they are enjoying the river.

The new Canada-British Columbia Surface Water Quality Reporting Web Tool can be viewed online here.


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