A man assaulted in a Parisian laundromat for asking a customer to wear a mask | World news


A man using a laundromat in a Paris suburb says he was beaten by two men armed with baseball bats in front of his young children after asking a customer to put on a face mask.Masks are mandatory in all public places in France to fight a recent outbreak of coronavirus cases.

The alleged victim, named only Augustin, 44, told French television he was folding his laundry in the laundromat on Sunday afternoon with his children aged five and seven when a man entered without a mask.

He said the man replied “I’ll do what I want” when asked to put one on. An argument would then have arisen. The client not wearing a mask left the premises in, north of the French capital.

He returned moments later with three friends, two of whom wielded baseball bats, the alleged victim said.

Surveillance video of the attack released Tuesday by Le Parisien newspaper showed two people with bats and two others attacking a masked man inside the laundromat before fleeing, leaving the customer wearing a mask lying down face down.

The man, who complained of “aggravated violence”, was taken to hospital with a head injury requiring stitches and suffered bruises and back injuries. The children were reportedly shocked but unharmed.


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