A German cuts off another’s hand with a machete


BERLIN – A 22-year-old man is under investigation after cutting off another man’s hand with a machete at an outdoor recreation area in western Germany, prosecutors said Monday . Koblenz prosecutors said the suspect told authorities he was chopping firewood in a wooded area west of the city on Saturday evening when he witnessed a car crash.

According to the suspect, he ran to the car still carrying the machete to see if the driver needed help and the driver pulled a gun from the glove box and started shooting him, the police said. prosecutors.

In response, he swung the machete at the driver, severing the 21-year-old’s left hand. Minutes later, a large vehicle came from a nearby cooking area, and two men jumped up and repeatedly punched the suspect in the face, prosecutors said.

The suspect was treated in a hospital for facial injuries and released after questioning, prosecutors said. The investigation is still ongoing, but prosecutors said they were considering whether he acted in self-defense.

The man whose hand was severed was treated in hospital and was in stable condition.

Police determined that the weapon he fired was a starter pistol capable of blank firing only.


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