A face mask that you can use while eating? Japanese restaurant sharing method


TORONTO – A Japanese restaurant chain has come up with a new method that can transform an ordinary face mask into one that can be used while eating and drinking. Saizeriya Co. shared the new face mask trick in a YouTube video on Friday. The company uses origami paper folding techniques to combine an existing face mask with a regular paper towel.

In the video, a company official folds a mask in half to expose the wearer’s mouth. Anapkin is then tucked away inside the mask just enough that it can hang like a handkerchief.

He then shows how the mask works by putting a spoon in his mouth.

According to the Japan Times, company president Issei Horino told a press conference that the technique can prevent droplets.

Japan has been highly praised for its initial success in containing the COVID-19 outbreak, but has recently seen an increase in the number of new cases. As of August 7, the country had reported 12,629 active cases of COVID-19, an increase from the 1,806 cases reported a month earlier.

As the country braces for a potential second wave, new personal protective items and methods such as paper masks are being researched to help reduce new infections.


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