A climatologist is called for by the melting ice


– He was a renowned climatologist who spent his life studying the melting ice in the Arctic and warning the world of the consequences. And it was these very dangers that claimed Konrad Steffen’s life, reports United States today. The 68-year-old fell into the ice at his Swiss camp in Greenland and drowned in the water-filled crevasse. Steffen had worked with other researchers and went beyond a designated safe zone, seemingly disoriented in windy conditions and low visibility, a fellow researcher told CBS News. “In the end, it looks like climate change actually claimed him as a victim,” said Ryan Neely III, climatologist at the University of Leeds. New York Times.

Steffen was a beloved and imposing figure in his field who was known as “Koni”. He was previously scientific director of the Swiss Polar Institute, and he also headed the Cooperative Research Institute for Environmental Sciences at the University of Colorado at Boulder, through the Daily camera. Al Gore was among those who paid tribute. “Koni’s renowned work as a glaciologist has contributed to the deep understanding of the climate crisis around the world,” wrote the former vice president. Researchers knew the crevasse Steffen fell into existed, but Neely adds that such crevasses “were unheard of” not so long ago – before warming began to wreak havoc on the ice cap. In this video from a few years ago, Steffen explains the changes taking place around his station. (Read more stories about the Arctic.)


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