7 more potential COVID-19 cases identified on Vancouver flights in past 2 weeks


Seven more flights that have taken off in the past 14 days have been added to the BC Center for Disease Control’s list of possible novel coronavirus exposures.It discloses information when a case of COVID-19 is identified on board a flight departing or arriving in the province.

The BCCDC says four of the flights were domestic and three of them were international.

For all seven flights, Vancouver International Airport was either the point of origin or the destination.

Domestic flights:

July 20 Air Canada Flight 305 Montreal to Vancouver Rows 34 to 37
July 24 Air Canada Flight 311 Montreal to Vancouver Rows 1 to 4, 12 to 14
July 27 Air Canada Flight 204 Vancouver to Calgary Rows 18 to 24
July 29 Air Canada Flight 343 Ottawa to Vancouver Rows 4 and 12 to 17

International flights:

22nd of July Vol Aeromexico 696 Mexico City to Vancouver Rows 19 to 25
July 23 Air Canada Flight 575 Los Angeles to Vancouver Rows 15 to 21
July 26 Air Canada Flight 007 Vancouver to Hong Kong Rows 22 to 28

Anyone sitting in the rows listed is considered to be at a higher risk of contracting the virus.

“Passengers on a domestic flight with a case of COVID-19 should self-monitor for symptoms for 14 days,” BCCDC says on its online public exhibits page, where there is a list of flights affected dating from June.

People seated near a person confirmed to have COVID-19 following a fight will no longer be contacted individually by public health. Instead, the BCCDC says it publishes possible exhibits on its webpage.


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