5 things to know for August 18: Coronavirus, DNC, USPS, economy, Taiwans


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First, the good news: A recent series of studies show humans have a “robust” immune response to Covid-19 that can protect them from further infection. It’s still not clear how long such a response could last, but scientists are hoping it means people won’t have to endure repeated coronavirus infections. In addition, it could indicate a good vaccine response. Now the bad news: Dr Anthony Fauci says the long-term effects Covid-19 can have on survivors, especially younger ones, is “really troublesome.” In parts of Latin America and Asia, cases are increasing at crucial rates, sparking protests in Argentina and concerns over a new national epidemic in South Korea. Meanwhile, everything seems relaxed in Wuhan. Thousands of people gathered at an outdoor water park for an electronic music festival – no masks or social distancing in sight.

2. Democratic National Convention

The DNC’s first night brought together a wide range of speakers all seeking to advocate for alleged candidate Joe Biden while denouncing Donald Trump’s presidency on multiple fronts. The night’s headliner was former First Lady Michelle Obama, who has made a moral case against President Trump and called him “the wrong president for our country.” Sen. Bernie Sanders, along with former Ohio GOP Governor John Kasich, and a trio of other senior former Republicans also spoke. Non-politicians have also had a big impact. A woman who lost her father, a Trump supporter, to Covid-19 gave a moving speech, and George Floyd’s family members addressed the national audience, urging Americans not to give up the fight for the racial justice.

3. Service postal

The House is expected to return this weekend to vote on a bill that would provide $ 25 billion in funding for the U.S. Postal Service, despite White House objections. The bill is not yet complete, but House leaders say it will also ban some of the controversial changes to the USPS that were recently passed by Postmaster General Louis DeJoy. (By the way, DeJoy is a Trump campaign donor and owns a substantial stake in a company doing business with the Postal Service.) The bill and its massive fundraising pledges are the latest push from Trump critics to reduce what ‘they say to be obvious. attempt to suppress voters in the form of paralyzed postal operations during a year when postal voting is of the utmost importance.

4. Economy

Stimulus talks are sizzling, the pandemic is still spreading, the United States and China are at each other’s throats, and economic uncertainty is rampant, but Wall Street is raging. The Nasdaq Composite set a new closing record yesterday, and the S&P 500 nearly broke its February high – up 51% from its lowest points in March. These numbers could signal the end of the dreadful bear market of 2020, but there are indications that the highlights may sink again. CEOs, major shareholders and other senior executives have ditched more than $ 50 billion in shares since the start of May, indicating that, for some reason, insiders are not hopeful the rally will last. (And of course, the unpredictable nature of the presidential election doesn’t help.)

5. Taiwan

The United States finalized the sale of 66 new American-made F-16 fighter jets to Taiwan, marking the largest arms sale to the autonomous island in years. As you can imagine, China was not happy with it. Chinese state media published a review of the deal and hinted that the United States was helping Taiwan try to become more independent from Beijing. The United States says the deal will help Taiwan keep pace with Beijing’s military might. Tensions around the island have been developing for some time. When US Secretary of Health and Human Services Alex Azar visited Taiwan last week, China condemned the visit and launched military protests in response.


A heat wave will continue to burn the United States this week

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Tiger Woods’ 11-year-old son wins junior golf tournament

And so, the next generation of golf domination begins.

300 Pizza Huts close after giant franchisee goes bankrupt

Everything you knew and loved as a youngster is slowly dying out …

… except Payless

The shoe store is recovering from bankruptcy and plans to reopen hundreds of stores over the next few years.

A new Dolly Parton mural has appeared in Nashville, honoring the singer and her thoughts on Black Lives Matter

There’s a reason she’s queen.


$ 2.15 billion

That’s what opioid makers have cost the U.S. economy, according to a lawsuit filed against Purdue Pharma and other distributors and manufacturers by nearly every U.S. state and many territories.


“Jesus sat the 500 in rows. But not this one. “

One of the signs adorning the empty benches at Presbyterian Church of the Redeemer of New Orleans. The church’s humorous application of social distancing rules has garnered a lot of love online.


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One by one

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