5 “Rain on Me” blankets you need to check out


Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande’s “Rain on Me” is the summer hit to cool us off in the midst of the summer heat. Since its release in May, a number of aspiring artists have brought their own twist to the hit.

Most recently, 12-year-old Annie Jones blew up America has talent judges away on Tuesday (August 25), slowing the song down into a sassy performance.

In the YouTube realm, user Sup I’m Bianca teamed up with her friend RED for a passionate rendition of the duo from the comfort of their own home, with Bianca taking on the voice of Gaga and Red delivering the verses and harmonies of Grande. .

Emery Bingham took it a step further with duo partner Mo Bentley, recreating the official music video, with out-of-the-ordinary outfits, make-up and choreography.

Davina Michelle’s rich and moving voice put an emotional touch to “Rain on Me,” while Denis Kalytovskyi stripped the song into a heartfelt piano ballad.

See the five “Rain on Me” covers you must check out below.

Annie Jones

Bianca & Red

Emery Bingham

Davina Michelle

Denis Kalytovskyi


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