5 more flights added to British Columbia’s COVID-19 exposure warning list


VANCOUVER – Five more flights have been added to the BC Center for Disease Control’s COVID-19 exposure warning list. The BCCDC issued a notice on the additional flights on Tuesday. With those five flights, 51 flights to and from British Columbia have now been added to the provincial and federal warning lists.

The latest exposure warnings include the following domestic flights:

  • Aug 14 – WestJet Flight 196, Victoria to Calgary (unmarked routes)

  • August 17 – Air Canada Flight 106, Vancouver to Toronto (rows 20-26)

Three international flights have also been added to the list:

  • Aug 12 – Air India Flight 1143, Delhi to Vancouver (unmarked lines)

  • August 18 – Air Canada Flight 007, Vancouver to Hong Kong (rows 21 to 27)

  • Aug 21 – Flight 681 KLM, Amsterdam to Vancouver (unmarked lines)

The BCCDC includes in its list, where possible, lines that could be most at risk from possible exposure, but recommends that anyone on domestic flights monitor themselves for symptoms for 14 days.

Anyone arriving abroad is required to self-isolate and monitor themselves for symptoms for 14 days.

British Columbia health officials are no longer directly contacting people who were sitting near a confirmed case of COVID-19 on a flight. Instead, health authorities are providing updates on flights with confirmed cases as they become aware of them and posting them online.


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