4 temporary foreign workers in New Brunswick test positive for COVID-19


New Brunswick has four new cases of COVID-19, all temporary foreign workers in their 30s, Public Health said on Wednesday.The workers are from Mexico, Prime Minister Blaine Higgs told reporters at a press briefing.

They arrived in Moncton and immediately began to self-isolate for 14 days, before starting their employment in Miramichi.

On day 10, they were tested for COVID-19 and the tests came back positive.

“While it’s concerning, you know, I voiced these concerns early on… which got us to really make sure we had a process in place for temporary foreign workers and that system is working,” said Higgs.

“The system caught these workers before they got out [into the general public or to another region], the tracing of contracts is in progress, it could contain [the coronavirus] to this group and we are confident that is as far as it will go. ”

As of Wednesday, no new cases of respiratory illness had been reported in New Brunswick for the past 15 days.

Diagnosis during the period of self-isolation is the goal, Dr. Jennifer Russell, the province’s chief medical officer of health, said in a statement.

In this way, the risk of transmission is “as low as possible, which limits the number of cases,” she said.

Dr Jennifer Russell, the province’s chief medical officer of health, said workers were self-isolating upon diagnosis, so the risk of transmission is “as low as possible.” (Ed Hunter / CBC)

Workers should continue to self-isolate until cleared by public health.

Because they were destined for the Miramichi region, Public Health records them as cases in that region, Health Zone 7.

An out-of-province individual who tested positive for COVID-19 last Wednesday, two days after flying from Moncton to Montreal on Air Canada flight AC-8903, was in New Brunswick for work, according to Ministry of Health spokesperson Bruce Macfarlane.

“We understand that the plans related to the individual’s work have been approved and that protective measures have been put in place,” he said in an emailed statement.

New Brunswick had two days without an active case before the four new cases were reported. (The Canadian Press / NIAID-RML via AP)

The individual was asymptomatic and wore a mask throughout the flight, the government said in a tweet last Friday.

The individual arrived from Montreal on July 26 and spent a day in Moncton.

This case of COVID-19 is not counted as a case in New Brunswick.

No other information was released.

The province has recorded 174 cases of COVID-19 since the start of the pandemic in March. Two people have died and 168 have recovered.

As of Tuesday, 298 tests were performed for COVID-19. A total of 53,699 tests have been carried out since the start of the pandemic on Wednesday, according to the government’s COVID-19 dashboard.

Free masks

The City of Saint John is providing disposable masks free of charge to anyone who needs them “to support the Chief Medical Officer ‘s advice on indoor use of masks,” she said in a statement Wednesday.

The masks will be available in various locations throughout the city and the community, effective immediately. But they will not be available on Saint John Transit buses.

“We are unable to provide masks on the buses at this time. The daily number of buses and routes would exhaust our supply, ”the statement said.

Anyone who uses the bus and wants a disposable mask is welcome to go to one of the places where masks are offered.

These include the City’s Municipal Operations Building at 175 Rothesay Avenue, the City Hall Cash Office at 15 Market Square, and the Parks and Recreation Department at 171 Adelaide St.

Other locations include:


  • The Crescent Valley Resource Center at 130, boul. MacLaren.
  • The ONE Change Inc. (Nick Nicolle Center), au 85 Durham St.

South central peninsula

  • Romero House at 647-649 Brunswick Dr.
  • Saint John Newcomer Center, 165 Union Street, 4th Floor.
  • The Seniors Resource Center at 39 King Street, Brunswick Square, Level 3.
  • PULSE Inc., au 251 Wentworth St.

Where is

  • Carleton Community Center at 120 Market Place.

What to do if you have a symptom

People worried about having symptoms of COVID-19 may take a self-assessment test on the government website at gnb.ca.

Public health says symptoms exhibited by people with COVID-19 include: fever above 38C, new or worsening chronic cough, sore throat, runny nose, headache , new onset of fatigue, new onset of muscle pain, diarrhea, loss of sense of taste or smell and difficulty breathing. In children, symptoms also included purple markings on the fingers and toes.

People with any of these symptoms are advised to:


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