4 new Sask. COVID-19 cases reported Wednesday; 7 additional recoveries


REGINA – Saskatchewan confirmed four new cases of COVID-19 on Wednesday, bringing the provincial total to 1,586 cases. In a statement, the province said two of the new cases are located in the northwest area and the other two are in the southwest area.

There are 154 cases considered active. Seven other people have recovered from the virus for a total of 1,410.

A total of seven people are hospitalized. Three are hospitalized, including two in the southwest and one in Saskatoon. Four other people are in intensive care in Saskatoon.

At regional level:

  • 407 cases from the southern zone (209 southwest, 187 central south, 11 southeast)

  • 352 extreme north cases (346 extreme northwest, 0 extreme north center, six extreme northeast)

  • 254 cases from the north zone (121 north-west, 68 north-central, 65 north-east)

  • 248 cases from the Saskatoon area

  • 194 cases from the central zone (161 center-west, 33 center-east)

  • 131 Regina area cases

Saskatchewan surpassed the 125,000 COVID-19 tests carried out in the province on Wednesday. A total of 962 tests were performed on Tuesday.


More and more teachers are wondering how to legally refuse unsafe work, according to the Saskatchewan Teachers’ Federation (STF).

Patrick Maze, president of STF, says teachers’ concerns about returning to class follow the province’s back-to-school plan announced earlier this month.

“Having 32 or 34 students in a poorly ventilated room for six hours a day is kind of a recipe for disaster. Some teachers are very worried, ”Maze said.

“We hear a lot of questions about the process and let them know what their responsibilities are.”


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