3-year-old girl is lifted to heaven after getting caught on a kite


Breathtaking video shows a 3-year-old girl lifted 100 feet into the sky after being caught on a giant kite.Footage from a festival in the resort town of Nanlioao, Taiwan on Sunday showed a group of helpers struggling to contain the giant length of orange material as they were battered by high winds.

The cheers from the crowd at the kite’s first flight quickly turned to screams of horror as the end of the kite’s long tail followed – with the little girl caught up and hovering with her.

The girl, who weighs just 28 pounds, has been tossed around repeatedly, according to The Sun, which cited local reports that she had climbed 100 feet in the air.

She spent at least 30 seconds being tossed around in the air before finally descending close enough that a group of festival-goers could bring her to safety.

3 year old child lifted into the sky after being caught on a kite

Surprisingly, the youngster – identified only by the surname Lin – escaped serious injuries, sustaining only minor scratches to her face and neck, officials told Taiwan News.

It was not immediately clear how she got caught in the kite, which appeared to have been wrapped around her stomach, according to the report.

The annual festival was canceled after this horrific incident.

“The city government team sincerely apologizes to the victim and the public,” Nanlioao Mayor Lin Chih-chien said, according to the newspaper.


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