10 TV shows that will laugh at your attention


While many TV shows are designed to be nothing more than cotton candy for the brain after a long day at the office, there are definitely those series that reward viewers for keeping their eyes on, eh well, everything.Then there are shows that, rather than blessing eagle-eyed audiences with subtle jokes, secret stories flourish, and understated character development, instead decide to poke fun at the very people who grant the most. attention.

These 10 TV series all took immense joy in hiding a joke in plain sight that only the most observant viewers could notice, and then had the hilarious audacity to make those jokes at the expense of the very people who discovered them.

Now, these gags usually aren’t extremely mean or mean, but they play a dangerous game nonetheless, making fun of the people who care about them the most.

Tell your audience they care as well much of the detail is a risky strategy, although luckily these shows didn’t seem to suffer much as a result…


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