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Published on July 6, 2020 |
par zachary shahan

July 6, 2020 by Zachary Shahan

I have been in love with carpooling since I used it for a few years in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, 13 to 16 years ago. ((13 to 16 years ago?!?!? Where did the time go ???) Electric car sharing is of course around 30 times better. One of the many electric car-sharing programs in the world is ZITY, Renault’s own car-sharing program, and it is developing again for some lucky residents of France.

Photo © ZITY Paris

How many cars go to the new location of Boulogne-Billancourt, France? 500! It is 500 ZOE Renault fully electric.

The peculiarity of this news is that Renault was apparently “born in a garden in the Billancourt district in 1898.” It must be pretty cool to launch a car-sharing program there today. The city certainly appreciates its historic automotive roots.

“The legendary factory siren was acquired, restored and recently installed on Place Jules Guesde by the city’s mayor.”

Photo © BAHI – VBB

This ZITY extension complements even greener mobility options that have developed in the region, including the Vélib ‘bike sharing program, sharing electric scooters and electric buses.

How to use ZITY

This car has a child seat. Hence the pacifier on the rear window. Photo © ZITY Paris

The ZITY car sharing program is nothing new or crazy compared to other electric car programs, but in case it is a new concept for you, here is a quick explanation:

Thanks to the ZITY mobile application, users can view on a map, at any time of the day or night, the vehicle closest to their position. The reservation is instantaneous and the vehicle is unlocked via the application. To end the rental, the vehicle must be parked in Paris, on any public place above ground and locked. However, it is possible to park temporarily outside the service area using the “Stand by” mode.

    • The cars offer 5 real seats and are equipped with a reversing camera, proximity sensors, GPS, touch screen and cruise control.
    • Child seats are present in more than 150 vehicles and those fitted are immediately identifiable via a “pacifier” icon via the mobile application at no additional cost.
    • A guaranteed battery level displayed thanks to the on-board technology of the Renault ZOE ZITY makes it possible to display in real time all the information on the dashboard, including the battery level. Below the minimum level required, the vehicle is no longer available for rental and is quickly recharged by ZITY teams.
    • Availability and intelligent positioning of vehicles: the high level of autonomy of ZOE batteries allows less frequent charging and therefore a greater number of vehicles available on the street. ZITY’s high-performance computing platform enables intelligent and rapid repositioning of vehicles after maintenance to ensure that users find vehicles easily and at close range.

Photo © ZITY Paris

You can view the flexible program rates here, or simply on the ZITY website.

Naturally, the ZITY team follows several new procedures before and after charging, driving and working on cars, including wearing masks around others, obsessive hand washing and systematic disinfection of “contact points with the hands of the users. ” And they also recommend that users wear masks and wash their hands before and after using cars.

All images courtesy Renault Group.

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