WWE SmackDown results, recap, reactions (July 3, 2020): role models


We are in the presence of greatness.

Sasha Three Shows and Bayley Three Brands. Bayley spoke of a phone call she received from Undertaker or Taker when she managed to call him. Taker called her and was embarrassed that everyone paid tribute to her last week, when Bayley is clearly the greatest champion in WWE history. He implored WWE to have a tribute to Bayley and Banks. Bayley said with the documentary Last Ride finished, Undertaker is finally finished and Bayley is launching a tribute video.

Bliss Cross Applesauce came out afterwards and had some interesting facts, which was a bit missed all over the segment, but it got better when they got into the ring. Nikki said she is looking forward to winning the women’s title at Extreme rules, and Bayley and Sasha made fun of her. Nikki attacked Bayley and THIS TIME Sasha made a match for Bayley! What a nice touch to finally turn these tables.

Bayley forced Bliss to slap and taunted Nikki obnoxiously. Hilarious! The match was quick and ended with a DQ while Nikki attacked Bayley after attacking Sasha.

Bayley and Sasha were absolutely amazing for this whole segment. Fuckin ‘shit. I mean The Taker obviously fake phone call to the tribute video and the undeniable fact that they are the workhorses of WWE right now, fighting on all three brands and with good reason! It is not a triple function of Charlotte Flair. These are the female team champions. They should be on each brand, because all the women’s teams should want to be champions. Now, you could argue that they didn’t defend the tag titles of each brand and that they each have their own stories with the best champions, but … semantics. They are a real joy at each show. Never return Bayley to a babyface. Never.

By the way, did you notice what title Sasha had around her waist after this match? She is a pro in this area.

Frostbite Bro

Michael Cole interviewed Riddle in the ring. Matt said he loved being on SmackDown now and that he loved celebrating his win against AJ with all of the wrestlers on SmackDown. Cole asked him about the barefoot wrestling, and Riddle tells how when he was a child he got frostbite and when he wears shoes, he always feels a burning sensation. So Bro doesn’t wear shoes anywhere.

Blade ass Baron Borebin of course interrupted and said he was an idiot. He said that nobody wanted him on SmackDown and that he would always be there to make Riddle suffer. To vomit. Vomit all this.

They did not help Bro for this opening promo. For the record, I don’t know if this story on its feet is true, but if it is, it was not delivered in a credible way. A little overuse on the “Bro” buddy. But clearly, it will be his thing, so we will have to deal with it dot gif.

Now the match was really good. Morrison hasn’t had a bad game since I joined the company. He hit a splash of sick corkscrew body and Riddle kicked him out. Riddle hit Borebin with a thong because of course. I need to see Riddle Bro’s mission on Lesnar someday. Come on, WWE. Roll ups were traded but Riddle took the win.

If they were to make Morrison the Riddle opponent tonight, why the hell should Borebin be there? Miz is a great speaker and could have interrupted instead. WWE’s insistence on shooting this boring, boring and exaggerated stuff makes me so angry. I hate King Corbin. Stop it. Gracious goodness. I completely ignored the comments here, so if something interesting was said, I wouldn’t know it. And please, for God’s sake, don’t make Miz and Morrison his new lackeys. My God, I don’t need another group of guys yet to lean back and bid on Borebin.

I have declared a new name change for Baron Corbin here and I think it will last a while. If he can change his name, so can I! Bow, Borebin.

The rest

AJ Styles déf. Drew Gulak – Someone else who can’t have a bad match is Drew Gulak! Daniel Bryan put it best in one of his Zoom on Gulak interviews – you can never count Gulak. AJ was so shaken by Gulak, that he needed to put it away with both a Clash style AND a phenomenal forearm. Gulak rolled in a calf crusher and locked himself in the transverse face. The styles reach an average snap suplex. AJ also hit an impressive brainbuster. A Michinoku pilot and a superplex were not enough to keep AJ away. It was a phenomenal match, a play on words. I wouldn’t mind starting over and over again. In fact, whenever WWE thinks of putting Borebin on TV, I’ll take a Gulak / Styles match to counter it. Hell, I’ll take a Gulak / Anyone match anytime.

Shinsuke Nakamura bat Coffee Kingston – One of the best pieces of continuity each week is Big E and Kofi throwing their jackets at Corey Graves. Kofi made Nakamura run in plexiglass and Big E, being the treasure he is, howled with laughter for a good minute. Cesaro fired a low blow on Kofi and Big E kicked him out. Kofi hit a flying forearm and a standing dropkick, and tried to hit Trouble in Paradise, but Nakamura hit Kinshasa for the win.

Cesaro and Nakamura have had enough and want change! And it’s high time! During the entire time that Sami Zayn was absent, The Artists floundered and became Borebin’s lackey for a few weeks. A legitimate tag team never competing so far. They have been a team for months! So finally, next week, they are getting a title. Thank you!

Sheamus and Jeff Hardy continue – And it’s the shit that flows. It is stupid. It has now become very uncomfortable for me to watch anything involving this angle. Shame on you, WWE, for dragging this bullshit even more and not finishing it at Backlash. It’s an incredibly uncreative and disgusting story. FOX shouldn’t even let this bullshit spread. It is not worth presenting or attracting attention. This segment is classified as a big fat F by itself. For the rest of the show, see the note below.

The main event put me in a bad mood. It’s such a shame that WWE can do things so well and then do things so foolishly. WWE deserves all the negativity they get for putting Jeff Hardy in this terrible light. Bayley and Sasha were the MVPs and win everything in my head. After tonight, I can’t wait for Morrison’s singles race. I’m not ready for Bro against Borebin.

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Safe and happy on July 4, Cagesiders! What do you think of SmackDown?


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