WWE SmackDown Results, Recap, Reaction (July 24, 2020): Naomi Deserves Better


Naomi didn’t even have enough speaking time in a segment of this show devoted to talking about her trends on Twitter last week.

The title of this recap speaks for itself.

In the span of a decade, Naomi was abused by the creatives of WWE. Last week, after losing a quick and silly match to Lacey Evans, which isn’t over at all, many fans took to Twitter with #NaomiDeservesBetter and passed it on Saturday night. And what she said on Miz TV is the truth.

By the way, WWE cuts a lot of their YouTube videos and for them putting Seth Rollins’ vomiting stars first instead of leading straight with Naomi speaking is all you need to know. She said the fans are supporting her and that she is supporting them. They are his motivation. Naomi proves it on her social media platforms. As Miz pointed out, she had a strong reaction when she returned to the Royal Rumble this year. Its entry is catchy and popular. She naturally recovered.

But that doesn’t fit WWE’s plans, so she isn’t getting the spotlight. Yes, she won the SmackDown Women’s Title twice, but since what? And even before, besides being part of the Funkadactyls in the most memorable way? She expressed interest in tagging with Bianca Belair. I don’t see why this doesn’t happen within two weeks of this stupid feud with Lacey over.

So of course Miz and Morrison bring out Lacey Evans and who cares? Her poor lipstick got messed up so she got really mad but Naomi fought her. I hate that. Everywhere in a miserable karaoke contest.

Friends are fighting for a title

Sasha and Bayley started this show by dropping the new definition of greatness.

The women’s revolution started with them and will end with them. The boys and girls watching at home will see that their dreams can come true, but Bayley stepped in and said as long as they try they will never be as tall as them.

BlissCross interrupted and an angry Cross said she was demanding a rematch for the Championship she was cheated on at Extreme Rules. Bayley has agreed to a match for next week, but only if she can beat Alexa in a match. And whoever wins can face it. Issues!

The match started right after the break and Cross and Bliss didn’t hold back. Cross tried to find a quick pin and Bliss looked annoyed for the attempt and targeted Cross’s stuck ribs. Bliss ducked out of a DDT tornado and kicked Cross in the ring skirt because she knows her best friend’s moves. After a well-contested fight, Cross pinned Bliss with a small package. After the match, Cross and Bliss said there was no hard feelings and Bliss tried to hype her friend over for her title match next week.

This was the exact conclusion I was hoping for, as I suspect BlissCross Applesauce is finished next week. I didn’t really feel any real happiness from Alexa wishing Nikki well after the game. Yes, you can attribute that to her loss, but she didn’t want the game to start. WWE has clearly pivoted on the Sasha / Bayley breakup and I think Alexa could play a role in losing Nikki in her rematch.

The million dollar question – who’s on the heels?

Cinematic bar fight

Of all the gin joints in all the cities of the world, she comes in mine.

It certainly wasn’t Casablanca, but in honor of the highly anticipated second game between Sheamus and Jeff Hardy, I poured myself a tangerine white claw and toasted the grown-ups.

It was for all intents and purposes, a standard wrestling street fight in a bar. He had your beer thrown in his faces, he had the classic of dragging a body through glasses on the bar, there was a scene in the bathroom, and because it’s a street fighting rules match , he had wrestling movements!

Sheamus smashed a stool on Hardy’s back after Hardy but the bartender (same one from a few weeks ago!) Across a table. Sheamus Brogue Hit a drum, Sheamus put Hardy in a urinal face first, Hardy threw little dodgeball style basketballs at Sheamus (Sheamus clearly hasn’t learned how to dodge, dodge, dive, dive and dodge ), and a handy ladder happened to hang around for Hardy to jump.

The end result was the good man who won. Jeff Swanton bombed the summit and got the count of three. Honestly, I laughed for most of it, so it wasn’t as offensive to me as I originally thought. Maybe also because I enjoyed a little champagne myself. In the form of seltzer. One thing must happen, however: this feud must be over.

Why the hell was it cinematic and not the eye for an eye?

United, never divided

I’m featuring the small part of Kofi and Big E in my review for a reason:

Big E absolutely deserves one hundred percent… a singles race.

Kofi came out of the coaching hall and told E that he would be out for up to 6 weeks due to an injury. He said he and Woods talked and said E deserved to be highlighted because he had been waiting for Kofi when he had the WWE title.

Give. Big E. An. Intercontinental. Title. Run.

E can easily fit right into a Styles program after next week’s title match. Give me a program leading up to SummerSlam and E takes the title.

The rest

Braun is back home – Bray Wyatt spoke about the Fun House after a recap of the Swamp Fight at Extreme Rules. His lantern that looks like old Bray was saying words I couldn’t catch, but Bray said family gatherings warmed his soul, and Braun Strowman went home. He knows some of us fear being trapped in the swamp forever, but that’s okay, this swamp is 100% certified organic. He h. Braun should then return as a Brooklyn hipster.

Not at all from Braun on this show, just a little mention of him by Bray and Michael Cole afterwards. There didn’t seem to be much concern for his well-being.

Gran Metalik def. Lince Dorado, Chad Gable and Drew Gulak – Whenever Lucha House Party is in the ring you have to call as they are quick and nimble as hell. Gable and Gulak also had a great moment in the game where Gulak had a smooth backhand. Gable has incredible moonsaults. Papa Dorado is mean, all of you. I said what I said. He had a frog splash that rivaled Montez Ford on Raw. I didn’t expect Metalik to win this one. Dorado had a better performance in my opinion.

Matt Riddle a vaincu. Tony Nese – Riddle started the game with some aggressiveness and Nese didn’t really offend. Quick victory for him. He called Corbin after and Corbin said that Riddle had this new car smell, but when that wears off you end up with a brotherhood boy with no shoes on who looks like he got out of bed. He put a king’s ransom down for anyone to prove to him that Riddle can’t hack SmackDown. Nese tried to stealthily attack Bro but knocked Nese down with a kick. Let’s end this quarrel quickly, please.

The bar fight had originally soured me over this entire episode of SmackDown before it aired, but it wasn’t too bad. Will we see Braun next week? I do not think so. Will Naomi win next week? I really hope. Who will blame Riddle for Corbin, who hasn’t bothered me for two weeks?

Otis and Mandy are back next week and I need them in my life.

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