WWE SmackDown fans react to Jeff Hardy’s brother Nero transformation


WWE SmackDown Friday night was headlined by a Bar Fight between Jeff Hardy and Sheamus, the latest in the controversial storyline between the two WWE stars. Regardless of everyone’s opinion on the script’s use of Hardy’s real-life drug and alcohol battles on TV lately, the pair worked hard on Friday to create a fairly entertaining segment for viewers to see. SmackDown.The end of the game certainly got people talking. After Sheamus took out Hardy, Hardy was on the ground with a hat on his face. When the hat was taken off, he had transformed into his brother Nero alter ego, with face paint.

Hardy used this new energy to regain his momentum against his opponent. He eventually climbed a ladder inside the bar and hit a Swantom bomb on Sheamus and covered the fall.

After the game, Twitter lit up with reactions to Hardy’s transformation on SmackDown. Here are some of the best reactions we’ve seen.


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