Would Arsenal consider Jack Grealish worth more than Nicolas Pepe?


SkySports say Arsenal are considering a deal to sign Jack Grealish this summer, but his fees will likely cost between £ 70m and £ 80m which is currently considered out of our budget.Our side would most certainly benefit from the addition of the young England international, and while we previously expected to lose his signing at Manchester United, they now seem to be prioritizing the arrival of Jadon Sancho.

It remains to be seen whether Aston Villa would consider lowering their asking price, given that Manchester United’s interest automatically adds weight to a player’s fees, but you wouldn’t expect our team to pay £ 70million. sterling.

On the contrary, Arsenal were also not to spend big last summer, but somehow fired from a masterstroke to bring in Nicolas Pepe, despite the full payment being paid in installments.

This begs the question though, if we could strike a £ 72million deal with Lille last summer, we might be able to make some sort of similar arrangement with Aston Villa to acquire the England international, but would see- they grealish the same way. to Pepe?

Some still claim that the Ivorian international has yet to win his award, but the reality is that since Arteta came into the fold he has easily been one of our best performers.

Grealish would represent a huge boost to our midfield options, with very few goals and assists coming from our current midfielders, although you can argue that Jack plays a more advanced role in our midfield three. .

If Grealish is seen as a winger then I would be hard pressed to argue that he would make a huge improvement on our side, mainly because the area we most need strengthening is in the midfield and at the central rear.

Would Grealish be a significant enough improvement in our attack options to warrant such a commission? Or would he be able to come back to playing behind the striker or in the midfield where we could most certainly take advantage of a player of his abilities?



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