World Report: France Unveils 400-500 New Covid-19 Clusters as Mask Rules Tighten | World news


France made the wearing of face masks mandatory in all indoor public spaces, preventing fines for those who refuse to comply.Like other countries, including Malaysia, said it was considering similar measures, the French government has presented its new mask regulations, reporting 400 to 500 clusters of active coronavirus epidemics in the country.

Masks must be worn in banks, supermarkets, post offices and covered markets as well as in all offices, buildings, shops and establishments which receive the public. Face covers are already mandatory in public transport. Anyone found without a mask or refusing to wear it will be fined € 135.

Growing number of mask-wearing warrants around the world – including the UK – follows months of stop-start arguments over mask effectiveness, as well as protests against mask wearing in the USA.

However, as scientific evidence has hardened around the risk of transmission through air as well as respiratory droplets, a consensus seems to have merged around the benefits of wearing masks, especially indoors.

On Monday, the French Minister of Health, Olivier Véran, justified the settlement, saying that there was a “worrying dynamic” in the spread of Covid-19.

While French authorities have reported major new epidemic outbreaks, there is no sign of an imminent “second wave”, Véran told FranceInfo.

Many current virus clusters involve slaughterhouses or other confined work environments such as retirement homes, he said. Others were the result of family reunions during summer vacation.

“We are seeing worrying signs of new epidemic outbreaks in parts of the country that have caused us to ‘harden’ our stance on the health message,” said Véran. “The goal is not to worry people too much, but to keep them on their toes.

The concern over the outbreaks has been fueled in a number of European countries by the rebound in the number of infections, notably in France, Belgium and Spain.


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