With a torn calendar, Notre Dame must reconstruct it with the ACC – The Athletic


SOUTH BEND, Ind. – When the Big Ten announced Thursday that it would ban out-of-conference games, it dramatically changed Notre-Dame’s schedule by removing Wisconsin. When the Pac-12 announced the same decision a day later, it made the Irish slate unrecognizable thanks to the almost heretical cancellation of the Notre Dame-USC match, the Stanford rivalry match also being put aside. to grasp the scope of this programming action, know that the last event to suspend the Notre Dame-USC series was the Second World War. The series started with Knute Rockne. This continued through Frank Leahy. And after a three-year hiatus (1943-45), it has been played in 74 consecutive seasons since, with a streak comprising 22 national championships and 14 Heisman Trophy winners (including Reggie Bush).

Billed as the biggest intersectional rivalry in college football, the slogan of the Notre Dame-USC series is truer than marketing. And for this season, with the…


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