William Barr testimony – live: AG denounces ‘demonization of police’, insists Trump ‘did not attempt to interfere’ in criminal cases


Leading Democrat accuses Trump’s attorney general of ‘helping’ and ‘encouraging’ president in ‘worst failures’President Jerry Nadler opened the House Judiciary Committee hearing with Attorney General William Barr by criticizing the official for his relationship with President Donald Trump.

“You have helped and encouraged the president’s worst failure,” Nadler said.

“This leadership failure comes at a high cost. This administration has twisted the Ministry of Justice in the shadow of itself, ”he added.

The attorney general has been accused of downplaying systemic racism in the country and of failing to assist the country in cases related to police brutality. He was also accused of having “open hostility to the Black Lives movement”.

Mr. Nadler went on to say that the attorney general had been spreading “disinformation about electoral fraud,” a topic Mr. Trump has persisted on in recent months.

Other charges in Mr Nadler’s fiery opening statement include the Attorney General’s charge of permitting interference in criminal cases involving Mr Trump’s allies, alluding to cases involving Michael Flynn and Roger Stone.

“The department has placed the political needs of the president on the health of the nation. These actions come at a price, ”said Nadler.


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