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Will and Jada Pinkett Smith shared intimate details about their marriage breakdown this week and how it led to an affair with American singer August Alsina this week. The “Red Table Talk” discussion on Facebook Watch put their relationship in the spotlight and led to a new confrontation with rapper 50 Cent on Instagram. In the days following Confession, many have since speculated on whether the “Fresh Prince” star had had celebrity adventures – especially if a romance had blossomed with Australian actress Margot Robbie. Previously, she flatly denied the claims, which surfaced and reappeared after playing together in films such as DC Comics’ “Suicide Squad” and “Focus”. While the two sides have sought to minimize the rumors, a frank interview suggests friction before their time on the set.

Jada’s strong words were spoken before her 23-year-old husband and the appearance of the “Wolf of Wall Street” star in the 2015 film “Focus”.He saw Will’s seasoned conman, Nicky Spurgeon, teach his young apprentice Jess Barrett, played by Margot, the tricks of their sordid trade.

Things ignited between the stars on the big screen and later, the actress, who is two decades younger than her beautiful film, gave an overview of their passionate scenes.

She said to E! News: “He has this very nice respiratory spray, he tastes of Christmas. It is as if he had just eaten a candy cane. ”

The star insisted that she would never go out with other people because they “have problems” during the 2015 press.

While promoting the film, Will also admitted that Jada had commented on the attractiveness and physique of his co-star before warning him not to be overshadowed by the young star.

He recalled: “When Margot was hired for the concert … [Jada] saw that Margot was young and hot and fit.

“She said, ‘My boy doesn’t embarrass me. Get in shape now. ” She said, “Don’t let this girl run you over the screen.”

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At the time, he professed that the secret to their successful marriage was compromise and being able to satisfy each other – even if it was done at the expense of the other.

Will said: “We had to change the paradigm of the relationship – and we did, with our children and with our family.

“There is a relationship to have with people, it is friendship.

“So it’s a relationship in which you want what’s best for them at all times and you’re ready to suffer for them to have the thing that is in their best interest. “


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