Wilderness camping warning issued as Cornwall welcomes visitors again


As Cornwall prepares to welcome visitors again, campers are encouraged to plan their visits and book in advance rather than leaving them overnight. So-called “wilderness camping”, where campers camp outdoors far from official campsites, is becoming increasingly popular – but can be problematic, and in some cases dangerous.

Rob Nolan, Cabinet Member of the Cornwall Council for the Environment and Public Protection, said, “Our advice is that all visitors book in advance with suitable accommodation providers and campsites, do not arrive in Cornwall without planning where to stay. Wilderness camping can cause litter, sanitation, trespassing, and conflict with landowners and residents.

“We welcome visitors to Cornwall and wish everyone a pleasant stay. But we ask them to respect our residents and our communities and to follow all the rules of health orientation and the requirements of social distancing.

“Please don’t be tempted to pitch a tent or stay overnight in your camper van wherever you want. ”

There are serious safety concerns with wilderness camping on or near the highway, on farmland (especially before harvest) or near livestock.

Always follow the campaign code and be aware that when camping on cliffs, moors or near fast-flowing streams may seem idyllic, sudden changes in weather can create unforeseen dangers.

Overnight camping in tents or vehicles in most parking lots or on beaches is not allowed. We also do not accept camping in public parks or in controlled countryside such as areas of exceptional natural beauty (AONB), sites of special scientific interest (SSSI), historical monuments or heritage sites.

You should not camp on private land without the permission of the owners.

Rob added: “Cornwall appreciates its tourism economy and welcomes visitors who have booked and planned in advance and who comply with Coronavirus health guidelines.

“Please observe the signs posted on the beaches, in the parks, showing the deviations from the public paths and in other outdoor public spaces. If you have dogs with you, keep them under control at all times and on a leash in busy areas, and observe the restrictions in effect on many beaches during these summer months. ”

“Welcome to Cornwall. Stay safe. And stay safe. ”


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