“Why would Joe Biden be better?” Chance the Rapper pleads for President Kanye West, burned on Twitter – RT USA News




    Chance que la tentative du rappeur de jeter son poids derrière Kanye West en tant que candidat potentiel à la présidentielle, tout en remettant en question la pertinence de Joe Biden pour le poste, a suscité la colère de la foule jamais Trump sur Twitter.

Le hasard a fait une rare incursion dans la politique lundi, après avoir republié une vidéo de son collègue artiste devenu espoir présidentiel. Aussi sur rt.com Le billet de rêve: Donald Trump et Kanye West. Novembre pourrait-il devenir la bataille des veeps noires?

“And all of you here, try to convince me to vote for Biden”, Chance subtitled a clip originally shared by Kanye in homage to his late mother, Donda.

Chance’s post quickly went viral and received massive feedback. Most of the comments came from the never-Trump Resistance, who berated the rapper for cheating on support for presumed Democratic candidate Joe Biden in endorsing West.

“If you use your platform to encourage black people to vote for Kanye West, who has no chance of being elected, you will only have to help re-elect the racist Donald Trump”, CNN political commentator and former Clinton White House aide Keith Boykin thundered.

Writer and actor Akilah Hughes, a staunch supporter of Black Lives Matter, also targeted Chance: “Loving your mother isn’t really reason enough to make someone a president.”

Hughes, who has more than 200,000 Twitter followers, suggested that Chance joke about Biden’s agenda, jokingly: “So you can’t read or you didn’t go to Joe Biden’s website. “

However, many critics have not bothered to present convincing arguments as to why Biden’s merits for senior office outweigh those of Yeezy, arguing that Chance is simply beyond help.

“If you’re stupid enough to vote for Kanye, honest people can’t help you,” wrote John Pavlovitz, self-described “Progressive Christian” and “Liberal follower of Jesus. “

Although the rapper’s argument for a Western president may mark a step away from the well-established two-party system of the United States – which is widely regarded as not reflecting the American public – it also failed to win many converted on Twitter.

Commentators have flatly rejected the suggestion that West could be a serious opponent of the status quo, as he has no political experience and has not even filed his FEC documents yet.

Undaunted by the huge pushback, Chance told his exasperated supporters that “Gets” that they want “Get Trump out” at any cost, he still doesn’t understand why they think Biden would be better.

“In this hypothetical scenario where you replace Trump, can someone explain why Joe Biden would be better ??” ”

Responding to a commenter who said that Chance managers should “Lock him up” from Twitter before ” it’s too late, “ the rapper retaliated, reminding his supporters of the time when former Vice President Biden told a black radio host, “You are not black” if you still don’t know who to vote for.

“I thought we were all in a collective hurry when people said,” If you don’t vote for me, you’re not black “,” he tweeted.

However, while his rant on Twitter continued to anger liberal experts and devout fans, the rapper apparently sought to make amends, taking a conciliatory tone with those who opposed Yeezy’s race: “I understand the improbability that Ye will win the 46th presidential seat and I understand that not everyone who votes for Biden necessarily does so with enthusiasm.”

The possible entry of Kanye West into the presidential race was a controversial subject from the start. Its platform, detailed mainly in interviews, seems to include progressive policies (such as free housing and universal basic income), but would also likely contain very conservative boards, as West is anti-abortion, anti-vaccine and apparently pro-state. religion.

As West has already praised President Trump, many critics argue that he is only running to deprive Biden of votes in November.

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