Why Paul Staehle flees after hearing shocking news


One of the most memorable and observable couples on Engaged 90 days and its spinoffs are Paul Staehle and his wife, Karine Staehle. In season 1 of 90-day fiancé: The other way, Paul receives bad news which pushes him to flee, once again. Read on to find out how everything is going in one of the most shocking moments of the season.

Paul receives a letter he expected

Paul et Karine Staehle | pauljasonstaehle via Instagram

Paul was waiting to hear his request for permanent residence to live in Brazil. He then hopes to apply for a work permit to support his wife and unborn child. However, he receives bad news. He receives a letter and reads it to the camera.

He uses an application to translate the letter, which says that his residency application has been denied. “It means that because I have committed a crime of terrorism, genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes, for these reasons, my residency request is denied,” Paul told the cameras.

“I didn’t even do anything like that”

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Paul is incredulous at what he reads. We don’t know what that means for her future with Karine in Brazil at the moment. “I didn’t even do anything like that,” says Paul with complete disbelief. “I have never committed an act of terrorism or genocide. You have 10 days… ”said Paul, starting to swear. “Karine is going to be heartbroken. She’s just going to be shocked. I have 10 days to deal with this, so apparently I have to leave the country. ”

Paul doesn’t know what to do and says he needs a minute. He gets up and runs away from the cameras and it’s a shocking turn of events. Fans have already seen Paul run away before, so it’s not out of place for him, though it’s surprising to see him walk away from the camera team.

Paul to speak to a lawyer about his situation

Paul finds a lawyer in Brazil to discuss the letter he has received. He explains the situation and the lawyer examines the results. He says Paul has a problem because the letter says he has been charged with “terrorist threat”. Paul explains that it is an offense and he: “was accused of threatening someone that I was going to cut his tires. So they think I was arrested for real terrorism? The lawyer said “yes”.

Paul tells the cameras that 13 years ago, he came home and discovered that his girlfriend was with another guy. “So yes, I threatened to reduce his tires. I made angry comments. I’m sorry, ”said Paul.

The lawyer goes on to explain that the name “terrorist threat” does not exist in Brazil. And once translated, it can look like an accusation of terrorism. The lawyer sets to work to clarify the situation in order to try to change the decision in favor of Paul by an appeal.

Paul and Karine have certainly gone through a lot over the years, and it is sometimes hard to believe that they have faced so much drama in their relationship.


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